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Our Value

Our Value

We are lawyers who are also business people. We have started businesses and have held key executive positions in enterprises with nine and ten digit revenues. And we continue to invest in, manage, and operate businesses alongside our law practice—in real estate, telecommunications, clean technology, heavy equipment, and others. We use that experience to counsel businesses as they confront their life-cycle decisions, opportunities, and crises. The founders of Ascent Law Partners have successfully handled hundreds of these matters over the last three decades.

We believe this operating perspective and business experience makes a qualitative difference in how we counsel and advise companies.  Our approach is more pragmatic and results oriented, and this resonates with both start-up entrepreneurs as well as seasoned CEOs of more mature companies.  Our clients appreciate that we are not only technically proficient (through decades of experience practicing law), but are a constructive extension of their management team, helping solve problems to drive their business forward.

Our boutique model and technology-leveraged overhead structure also allows us flexibility to work with clients in ways that meet their unique needs.  Legal and business advice is efficiently delivered by a partner with personal experience dealing with issues like those faced by the client.